Creating Augmented Reality Fitness Task Cards

Last week I blogged about augmented reality. I briefly discussed some of the possibilities with AR and showed a video demonstration I created about how to place a URL within a target that linked to a Google Form. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities of AR. There are endless ways this technology can be used in a Physical Education class and to help increase physical activity outside of school. As I discover applicable uses for AR I would like to share them with you. As a review, the tHome fitness challengearget can be a picture, poster, real-life object or many other things. The overlay can be a URL, 3-D object, audio, video, or various other sources of media. This poster is the newest target I’ve designed. This target was made using Comic Life.Below is a screencast where I discuss making a target with a slideshow overlay for students. I plan to give students different targets throughout the year as well as edit the targets they have already received to give them new physical activity challenges. I know many of my students will choose to use their mobile devices at home so I hope this will give them an opportunity to be physically active while they do so.I created this AR target in the program DAQRI. One of many things you can create in DAQRI is a slideshow like the one displayed in the screencast. Each slide can stay on the screen for as little as 1 second or as long as 10 seconds. You can also move to the next slide by swiping your finger across the screen of your mobile device. DAQRI also allows you to play MP3 files within your target which is also demonstrated in the screencast. I recommend that you download the DAQRI app and try out the target I’ve included in this post. You can scan the target directly from your computer or mobile device using a second device. Another option is to print out the target and then scan it. I will be back soon with more possibilities for using augmented reality in a Physical Education setting and to help increase physical activity outside of school.Find me on Twitter if you have any questions: @collinbrooksie

2 Comments on “Creating Augmented Reality Fitness Task Cards

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  2. That’s pretty cool! Are there pre-made AR fitness task cards somewhere out there if I download the DAQRI?

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