The #PhysEdSummit is a FREE online conference put on by Health and PE professionals for Health and PE professionals.

Mission: To provide digital professional learning opportunities for health and physical education professionals by sharing, discussing, and reflecting on best practices.

#PhysEdSummit 2017 | August 26, 2017

Conference Program: Click Here, Using a Mobile Device? Click Here
Survey: Click Here to Fill Out
Certificate of Attendance: Certificate (Print off & fill out)
Badges: Click Here & Retro Badges: Click Here
“How to Participate” Tutorial (Video): Click Here(PDF): Click Here 
RSVP Form: View Here 

Who is the #PhysEdSummit team?

The #PhysEdSummit began as an idea during a Voxer chat between William Bode, Matt Pomeroy and Naomi Hartl.  Bill had an idea to create an organic, participant-driven, online conference that was similar to an Edcamp. Matt and Naomi connected the conversation with Bill and the rest of the PHYSEDagogy team and the #PhysEdSummit was born.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your question is not answered here, please let us know at physedagogy@gmail.com.

Why should I RSVP?
RSVPing gives you exclusive email updates about the #PhysEdSummit, a first-look at the full conference program when it is out, and emails about future PHYSEDagogy events!

How do I participate during the conference?
On August 26, come to this page and click on the conference program link above. Once on the conference program page, find the session you would like to attend and click on the link to access it. This will take you to a Tozzl webpage, specific for the session you chose. On this page you can access the LIVE video, the attendee backchannel, and any resources the presenters have shared.

I cannot make it on August 26 to watch all the sessions live. How do I view them later?
If you cannot make a session at the scheduled time they will be archived in the links on conference program and posted to the PHYSEDagogy YouTube Channel to be viewed at a later date.

What time will the #PhysEdSummit start in my timezone?
All session times listed are in Eastern Time (New York City). Feel free to use one of these time zone converters below when referencing your block of time.

Do I get credit for PD Hours?
We provide a certificate of attendance for the #PhysEdSummit. All you need to do is print off this certificate and fill out the sessions that you participated in live or archived.

#PhysEdSummit Archive

#PhysEdSummit 2016 | August 27 & 28, 2016 | Conference Program | Certificate (Print off & fill out)

#PhysEdSummit 4.0 | February 26, 2016 | Conference Program | Certificate (Print this off & fill out)

#PhysEdSummit 3.0 | August 15, 2015 | Conference Program | Certificate (Print this off & fill out)

#PhysEdSummit 2.0 | February 21, 2015 | Conference Program | Certificate (Print this off & fill out)

#PhysEdSummit 1.0 | October 25th, 2014 | Conference ProgramCertificate (Print this off & fill out)

19 Comments on “#PhysEdSummit

  1. Can I RSVP and access it later on, or is everything only available live? I would be superglued to my laptop but I will be kayaking around the islands of Croatia that day and won’t have access to Wifi! Ack!

    • Hi Lisa,
      All of the #PhysEdSummit sessions will be uploaded to the PHYSEDagogy YouTube channel and to this website. You will be able to view the sessions at your convenience. RSVP’ing will give you access to the full conference program.

      • That was just the info I needed. My PE colleagues will be hanging out on Lake Balaton in Hungary ringing in the new school year with a little dept. retreat. It’ll be great to catch up on what went on when we get back to work and Wifi. Thanks!

  2. Incorporate 5,000+ sport science graphs from 40+ sports into Elementary, Middle, & High School Physical Education classes! Links to free sample graphs, videos, and discussion questions are available at SportScienceEducation.Blogspot.com!

  3. Hi m working as physical educator in india..n intrsted to join ur programme

  4. Hi
    Iam teacher in physical education,
    I want to know ,the subject sport

  5. Hi to the Physedagogy team!

    I have watch only 4 sessions so far and I am amazed of the quality of the content and the presentations themselves. Great demonstration of proper use of technologies available to bring together the PE community from around the world. This is the best Professional Development conference I have taken part of and I am not even at the 1/4 yet! Congratulations to all of you for being such good role models in your professionalisms and having selected all these great speakers and top notch PE teachers to deliver the contents.

    I am loving it! Thanks!

  6. I’ve tried to register several times now and still haven’t received an email back. I’m confident I entered my email address correctly, as well. Anyways, I still want in! Help!

  7. Just found out about this today and RSVP’d… what a great line-up! I’m looking forward to the sessions.

  8. Hi Phys Ed team! How do I access all the resources on top of the videos after the conference ends? I have rsvp-ed by the way… Busy catching up on the sessions! It’s morning time over here in Singapore! Thanks for the awesome sessions so far!!! Loving every one of it!

    • Hi Lee! You access them the same way you would as if the session was live, through the Tozzl links! Thank you for joining us!

  9. I am learning so much from this summit and like how you can watch some sessions live but can also watch others in archive especially if there were sessions going on at the same time and I wanted to see both. I appreciate all the planning that went into making this happen and all the presenters and the tech staff giving their time and expertise. Thank you!

  10. Just found out I can still order a shirt!!! Made the most of my YM, but It’s time to get one that fits.

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