The Heart Rate Awakens

During the SHAPE America National Convention I had the opportunity to share a new activity I recently created called “The Heart Rate Awakens” during the Polar Session. A huge thanks to Polar for inviting me to be part of their session. Learning Outcomes Below you will find a list a learning outcomes for this activity. Although I was very excited to make a Star Wars themed activity, of course it is always important to start with the learning outcomes. Now that you understand the learning outcomes of this activity I can tell… Read More

Distracted Learning and Why You Should Put Down Your Phone

“Where does a giver go to get? Where does a filler go to be filled?” — Mac Let that quote sit with you for a minute.  Does it resonate?  Most of you probably don’t know “Mac”, but if you ever have an opportunity to attend a PE Institute in Asheville, you will.  The quote above is one of many “Mac-isms” and one I actually didn’t hear at #PEInstitute16 this year.  However, the other night when I was camping on the Oregon Coast, I heard my friend Joey Feith say it and it was the… Read More

Stages of Professionalism for a 21st Century #HealthEd and #PhysEd Teacher

In the spring of 2005 I was a Junior at Oregon State University sitting in Dr. Bradley Cardinal’s Exercise and Sport Science class. He introduced to me and the class to the stages of professionalism. This really hit home with me and inspired me to become a SHAPE America member. These stages have helped mold my professional involvement.  Not too long ago I posted a Tweet which listed the stages, and I started to think about how these stages look different for 21st century Health and Physical Education Professionals.