About Us

The idea for PHYSEDagogy originated on a cold, dark, January night in 2013.  That night, a group of Physical Education professionals who had been connecting on Twitter as self-identified “PE Geeks,” hosted a roundtable discussion via Google Hangout that they called “PE Geeks Unite”.  After that initial conversation, members of the group decided to go further and on a Friday night in February participated in the first PE Geeks Unite Roundtable that was broadcasted live on YouTube via a Google Hangout On Air.  One of the members of that group, Adam Howell, had an idea to launch a recurring video series that he called the PHYSEDagogy Teacher Spotlight.  The idea was to merge the terms physical education and pedagogy into one.  Thus, the birth of what would eventually become PHYSEDagogy.com.

PHYSEDagogy Logo w BackgroudPHYSEDagogy has always held the belief that it can move the Physical Education profession forward through meaningful, relevant, and visibly public discussion about best practices in the classroom.  It is not about one person or a group of people.  It is why the logo is a hashtag with dots representing the people in our online community; The aim of PHYSEDagogy is to continue to connect those dots.  As our online community continues to grow and evolve, we feel it is important to clearly articulate what PHYSEDagogy is and what it isn’t.

First, PHYSEDagogy is not any of the following:

  • We are not a business or brand.
  • We do not make any money. (If anything, we lose money, because we have spent a very small amount on website fees and hosting.)
We have no desire to change any of the aforementioned two.

Throughout the last several months, there have been opportunities for contributors to the website to earn money doing professional work in other capacities.  We want to be clear that while we celebrate these opportunities on an individual basis, contributors pursuing these opportunities are representing themselves as individuals, not on behalf of the PHYSEDagogy website.

Now, with that out of the way–here is what we actively strive to be:
  • Providing a strong voice for the North American perspective on Physical Education.  The profession is global and so are the discussions.  The goal of PHYSEDagogy has always been to provide a voice for the North American (particularly the United States) perspective in these conversations.
  • It started as a video blog, but has morphed into an organic community where we can discuss, share, and reflect on best practices inside the modern physical education classroom–we are professionals, but by no means, experts. We always want to learn more.
  • Everyone who contributes is a volunteer who does so at their own pace and their own time.  Additionally, much of what we write or organize are things that are very personal to us.  We do not operate by deadlines or through traditional norms.
  • We believe in the power of crowdsourcing and tapping into the collective knowledge of the profession even if they are not active through social media.
  • We want to continue to grow–and grow with people who: have a passion for what they do, care about advancing the physical education profession, have diverse perspectives and life experiences to be able to comment authentically on a wider range of issues, and are representative of many of the students whom we serve.

We do not know what the future holds for PHYSEDagogy.  As mentioned previously, PHYSEDagogy is much more about an ideal, rather than about a unique group of people.  The hope is that as the profession changes, so does PHYSEDagogy.  Ultimately, sustainability will be determined by the community, not by individuals.

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