Using Augmented Reality to Create Cognitive Assessments in #PhysEd

components of physical fitness-1Augmented reality is a great tool for education, and it is so simple to use. All that is needed is a mobile device and a target for students to scan. For more on the basics of augmented reality see Creating Augmented Reality Fitness Task CardsUsing Augmented Reality to Increase Physical Activity Outside of School, and Augmented Reality: Building Resources and Student Independence in Physical Education. The latest way I’m using augmented reality within my class is as a tool to assess students’ cognitive understanding of learning outcomes.

How it Works

While students are participating in specific portions of class they can be tagged by a pool noodle. Students will know that being tagged by this pool noodle means it’s time for them to take the cognitive assessment. The tagged student will then walk over to the poster/target that I created using the program DAQRI (seen below) and read the question on the poster. After reading the questions students will scan the poster using an iPad and a multiple-choice overlay with four different answers will appear on the screen. Students will then touch the answer they think is correct on the iPad. The display on the screen will automatically change, giving them feedback on whether they answered correctly or incorrectly. If the student gets the answer wrong, they will simply restart the application and try again.

Below is a video I created with a visual demonstration of how this works.

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