AI Empowering Abilities: Liberation, Accommodation, and Automation!

How Artificial Intelligence Transforms the Lives of Individuals with Disabilities. Virtual Personal Assistants. Social Media Algorithms. Online Shopping Recommendations. Fraud Detection. Content Moderation. You may not realize it, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is involved in each of these things. If AI can recommend suggested products based on browsing and purchase history, how can it make work and life more accommodating for my disability? Throughout this blog post, Collin and Naomi tackle this question and share how they have been purposely and authentically using artificial intelligence to liberate, accommodate, and automate their lives.  Naomi’s… Read More

AI Language Models In #HealthEd and #PhysEd

Artificial Intelligence (AI) language models are on the rise. The world’s largest tech companies are in a race to develop the most powerful and most used tools. Microsoft Copilot (powered by Open AI), Google Bard, GrammarlyGo, and Adobe FireFly are examples. A multitude of applications and platforms are being developed daily (honestly, I can’t keep up). Open AI appears to be leading the way, with others chasing to catch up.  Buckle up because AI-Language Models will shift the world and how we do everything. I was curious, so I asked ChatGPT 3(a free Open AI platform I will discuss in… Read More

PHYSEDagogy is back!

Greetings from SHAPE Seattle 2023! It’s been so great seeing so many old friends while here over the past week. We’ve heard from so many people asking us, “is the band getting back together?” The short answer is, the band never broke up! We have just been working on all of our various solo projects! We are all at different points in our professional lives now, but we have never stopped caring about or contributing to our profession in our own unique ways. However, something has been missing over the past few… Read More