#PhysEdSummit Technology Sessions – Retro Badges

Here we will be listing all of the technology presentations that have been presented on during a #PhysEdSummit. Please enjoy the learning experience and remember if you watch three different technology sessions, then you will earn an #Technology retro badge for the 2017 #PhysEdSummit! #PhysEdSummit 1.0 with Christina Krein Integration of Meaningful Technology Session Description:  The audience will see the many ways I implement technology without losing classroom and activity time. All of my uses of technology are fitness based and developed to help students stay motivated and reach their personal goals. Ideas/examples and… Read More

Augmented Reality #PhysEd Board Game

I wanted to take moment to show you my latest augmented reality target which is an interactive game board called “What’s Your Zone?” After seeing a really cool picture tweeted by Andy Vasliy where he and his students identified various ways different rates zones positively impact the body I was inspired to create this fitness game.

Augmented Reality Webinar featuring Collin Brooks and Naomi Hartl

by Collin Brooks (@CollinBrooksie)