#PhysEdSummit Technology Sessions – Retro Badges

Here we will be listing all of the technology presentations that have been presented on during a #PhysEdSummit. Please enjoy the learning experience and remember if you watch three different technology sessions, then you will earn an #Technology retro badge for the 2017 #PhysEdSummit!

#PhysEdSummit 1.0 with Christina Krein

Integration of Meaningful Technology

Session Description:  The audience will see the many ways I implement technology without losing classroom and activity time. All of my uses of technology are fitness based and developed to help students stay motivated and reach their personal goals.

Ideas/examples and lessons that I will present are:
–     Using QR codes with PE
–     Flipped classroom style ( Students learn digitally using blendspace and I utilize google form for summative assessments)
–     Using mobile devices in the classroom
–     Implementing Bluetooth for circuit training
–     Utilizing google presentation for students to work collaboratively on fitness concepts
–     Google apps ( Map my run etc….)
–     Using motivating fitness testing music
–     Heart rate monitors

#PhysEdSummit 2.0 with Matthew Bassett and Mihai Catrinar

iPads in Physical Education

Session Description: For many, assessment is a dirty word for a physical education teacher. Assessment should not be a scary topic for a teacher and is necessary for a quality program. Teachers can utilize mobile technology to incorporate assessments into physical education with ease. Assessments can help a teacher guage learning, guide instruction, and provide constant feedback on what needs to be improved. Whether you have one mobile device or fifty, this session will help you learn ways that you can incorporate assessments into your classroom. In this session we will provide you practical assessments that are being utilized by the presenters in their classrooms. We will be discussing topics on QR Codes, movement analysis apps, cognitive assessments, teacher created assessments, and student created assessments. We hope that you will learn some new ideas on how to assess your students and create some new assessment ideas on your own.

#PhysEdSummit 2.0 with Marcus Down

Google Apps for Education in Physical Education

Session Description: This presentation will demonstrate how a PE teacher can effectively integrate technology to result in more meaningful learning. The presenter’s goal is to inspire teachers to invest the time and effort to work with Google Apps for Education by ensuring them that doing so will save both time and energy in the long run. Google Forms will be explored in-depth which will provide clarity on how this means of technology can be used to help assess and track student growth. Add-ons, such as docAppender and Form Values, will explained to show the potential of Forms. Additionally, Google Docs will discussed to show how, in combination with Forms and Sheets, can be used to help track student progress and learning. Additionally, add-ons for both Sheets and Docs, such as doctopus, Save-As-Doc, and Kazeina Mini, will be discussed to show the benefits of meaningful technology integration in PE.

#PhysEdSummit 3.0 with Adam Llevo

Praise Postcards in #PhysEd

Session Description: This session will show you how to use Autocrat and Google Apps for Education (GAFE) to produce a Praise Postcard and send it to your parents and students. This recognition is easy and simple to create, and can be set up straight from your device. If time permits, Adam will also lead a tutorial for the Google add-on, docAppender.

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Mel Hamada and Adam Llevo

Putting the Feed-Back Into Feedback

Session Description: Join Adam and Mel as they discuss a myriad of different ways you can change up the way in which you offer feedback to your students. You might like to try something with video/voice or screen sharing or you could use your iDevice. You can use Google or other apps to automate your process, as well. Something for the newbie Tech or know-it-all user.

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Amie Schneider and Melissa Matthews

Using BreakOut EDU in Physical Education

Session Description: Learn how to incorporate the fastest growing educational craze in the country…BreakOut EDU! BreakOut EDU is a scavenger hunt using technology, prior knowledge, and teamwork to solve clues. Join this session to learn how to incorporate physical activity and technology in your physical education classes.

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Collin Brooks and Naomi Hartl

Creating Digital Visuals

Session Description: Are you interested in learning or improving your ability to make visuals? Want to learn how to make icons, Gifs, or improve your ability to make task cards? During this session, participants will learn about digital tools used to create dynamic visuals for physical education classrooms. Participants will learn the basics on how to start creating their own visuals that will help inspire visual learning within a physical education classroom

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