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Adam Howell | Jonathan Jones | Naomi Hartl | Jorge Rodriguez
Matt Pomeroy | Collin Brooks | William Bode | Sarah G-H

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Why is the #PhysEdSummit 2016 logo pink?

The #PhysEdSummit Team would like to bring breast cancer awareness to the attention of the global #HealthEd and #PhysEd community. Please help us in supporting Kathleen Bode, fellow physical educator and wife of William Bode, as she battles breast cancer. Team #PhysEd is a close community that not only cares about kids, but cares for their own. We would like to encourage all #PhysEdSummit participants to wear pink on August 27 & 28 to support The Bode Family and everyone who has been affected by breast cancer.

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The #PhysEdSummit 2016 Conference Program At-A-Glance

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August 27, 2016

8am (0800) First Day, Last Day, and a Little in the Middle Claudia Brown
8am (0800) Moral Courage: The Time Has Come Judy LoBianco
9am (0900) Planning a Successful Field Day & Family Fitness Night Lindsay Dillon
9am (0900) Putting the Feed-Back into Feedback Mel Hamada
Adam Llevo
10am (1000) PE & LTAD: The Perfect Fit Gord Zubyck
11am (1100) Closing the Gender Gap in Physical Literacy and Activity Dean Kriellaars
11am (1100) Addressing the Activity Gap Charlie Rizzuto
12pm (1200) HBOs: The Holy Grail of Health Education? Gary Lemke
12pm (1200) Teaching Games for Understanding: With a Little More Feeling Joanna Sheppard
1pm (1300) Assessment: None of the Above Amy Prior
1pm (1300) Physical Literacy Mentorship in Schools Ryan Fahey
2pm (1400) Academics and Kinetics Blended in Perfect PE Harmony Gary Lemke
2pm (1400) Fun, Engaging, and Innovative Strategies in Health Education Mary McCarley
Voxer: Mccarley11
3pm (1500) Stoking the Fire Bob Knipe
@PEPEPTalk &
Andy Milne
Ben Pirillo
3pm (1500) Physical Literacy and Global Development in Children John Cairney
4pm (1600) Connecting Assessment to the Four Domains of Physical Education Lynne Gilbert
Dee Castelvecchi
4pm (1600) Engaging Students to Be Active Using Social Media–The #Active365 Experience Lisa Taylor
5pm (1700) Visualisation Techniques to Better Define Learning Andy Hair
5pm (1700) Sport Stacking Competitions to Encourage a Growth Mindset Lisa Berman
6pm (1800) Yoga Tools for Fun PhysEd Classes, A Sport That Everyone Can Excel At Krista Strayer
6pm (1800) Redefining Week One Activities Matthew Bassett
7pm (1900) Critical Considerations of Physical Literacy Policy Dean Dudley
7pm (1900) Nourish the Teacher With Evening Self-Care Tools for Deep Sleep and More Energy Krista Strayer
8pm (2000) PE Podcasts for PD Jorge Rodriguez
8pm (2000) Using BreakOut EDU in Physical Education Amie Schneider
Melissa Matthews
9pm (2100) PBL with a Focus on Health and Wellness Amy Lauren Smith
9pm (2100) Collaborating Your Content Matt Guth
Jonathan Jones
10pm (2200) Experiences Teaching PYP PE–Challenges and Benefits Daniel Inman
Dan Popescu
Evan Godsiff
10pm (2200) Get Them Moving, Learning, and Loving It! Rex Peebles
11pm (2300) Student Voice, Participation, and Leadership in Schools Mel Hamada
Rick Baldock
11pm (2300) StudentFit–How to Incorporate Boot Camp Into Your PE Class Marquel Hatcher

August 28, 2016

12am (0000) BlabberMouths Justin Schleider
Nicholas Endlich
Adam Llevo
Andy Milne
1am (0100) Keepin’ It Reel! A Standards-Based Approach to Fishing Kari Bullis
2am (0200) Creating Digital Visuals Collin Brooks
Naomi Hartl
3am (0300) Moving Mindfully Mindy Drake
3am (0300) Learning Different Content to Achieve Target Content and Achieve the Skills Through Mirror Drill Strategies Khapirat Batyrbek
4am (0400) Orchestrate Your Chaos: Management Strategies to Enhance P.E. Productivity Adam Metcalf
5am (0500) Wrapping a Real World Purpose Around TGfU Tim Morgan
6am (0600) Voice and Choice Nicholas Endlich
6am (0600) Assessment Fixes in PE Jace Ferguson
7am (0700) Assessment in Game-Centered Approaches Stephen Harvey
7am (0700) Music Mapping 101–Find Your Way Teaching #Dance in #PhysEd MacKenzie Mushel Ellis

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