#PhysEdSummit 2.0 Conference Program

PhysEDSummit 2.0

Hey everyone! On February 21st the #PhysEdSummit 2.0 will be coming to a screen near you. For those of you who have not heard of the #PhysEdSummit, it is a free professional development opportunity made specifically for physical education professionals by physical education professionals. We will be hosting the #PhysEdSummit 2.0 through Google Hangouts on Air. It will be a LIVE presentation pushed through YouTube. Since all sessions will be live, the audience will have to choose which session they would like to listen to/watch. All sessions will be recorded and posted to the PHYSEDagogy YouTube Channel for others to view after the Summit. This is a great way to receive professional development units while watching live or viewing recorded sessions. Block 1 will begin at 7:00am PST, at 8:00am we will have a fifteen minute brain energizer brought to you by SPARK and at 8:15 AM PST Block 2  will begin. Look for the #PhysEdSummit 2.0 RSVP form soon. Join us for this amazing opportunity for quality free professional development!

Click here for the conference program with all the major details for the #PhysEdSummit 2.0.

2 Comments on “#PhysEdSummit 2.0 Conference Program

  1. Reblogged this on Fit'n'Wit PE and commented:
    This February 21st all my fellow PE educators are invited to attend a free professional development event at the #PhysEdSummit. I will be presenting with Matthew Bassett in Block 1, 7.00 AM PST. Click below for the conference program. See you then!

  2. would this be a great opportunity for us PE teachers to receive reading CEUs? We have to have 3 credits every 5 years and it’s hard for us to find those classes/seminars. Could you keep me updated of reading credits to help me renew my license. Thank you very much. Charles dauberman.

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