#PhysEdSummit Technology Sessions – Retro Badges

Here we will be listing all of the technology presentations that have been presented on during a #PhysEdSummit. Please enjoy the learning experience and remember if you watch three different technology sessions, then you will earn an #Technology retro badge for the 2017 #PhysEdSummit! #PhysEdSummit 1.0 with Christina Krein Integration of Meaningful Technology Session Description:  The audience will see the many ways I implement technology without losing classroom and activity time. All of my uses of technology are fitness based and developed to help students stay motivated and reach their personal goals. Ideas/examples and… Read More

#Physed Demo Slam at #SHAPEMinneapolis

This year at #SHAPEMinneapolis the PHYSEDagogy crew had the opportunity to do a Demo Slam. During a Demo Slam anyone that desires can share an idea, teaching method, or activity based upon best practices in health and physical education. If the individual is done before the 2 minutes is up he or she says “Slam”. If individual goes 2 minutes, all participants say “slam”. Demo Slams have been going on in technology conferences for a while. The first #Physed Demo Slam took place last year at #SHAPESeattle and was Adam Howell’s idea…. Read More

American Ninja Warrior Digital Badges in #Physed

Last  week in my physical education class students participated in an American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course. It involves student’s climbing over plyometric boxes, swinging on ropes, using the bouldering wall, jumping rope and crawling underneath objects. Obstacle courses are an extremely engaging activity for students, but as teachers it can be easy to forget to emphasize learning outcomes during obstacle courses. To help me with this I have created digital badges for students to increase student engagement and reflection during classes. Each badge represents different learning outcomes of the obstacle course. Here… Read More