One Word, One Community – Community Responses Part 1

PHYSEDagogy just delivered their keynotes at the National PE & Sport Institute in Asheville, North Carolina.  The main idea of the One Word, One Community afternoon keynote was to share what continues to push us as individuals and as group in physical education. The seven of us chose one word that represents our thoughts, captures our feelings, and provides us strength as we look forward to the upcoming school year.  At the conclusion of our Keynote, we invited the audience to share their one word. We were so inspired by what the audience shared, we wanted to learn more about why people chose their word.  Now you have a chance to share it with us.  Here are the first 10 responses we received from our amazing health and physical education teaching community.

If you would like to share your word with the physical education community, please click on the button below and submit the form.  This will take you a blog template (Google Form) that you can use to share your word and an explanation of why your word continues to push you in your physical education life. Once you complete the form, it will be posted on our website for all to see. Thanks!

Lisa Bell – Pioneer Elementary

What is your One Word?  Zeal

The hope that a teacher’s ZEAL for instruction in physical literacy will plant patches of “Zeal Seeds” in all of her students!

Mike Lally – South Carolina Department of Education

What is your One Word?  Perseverance

It can be exhausting trying to make positive change in our field of physical education. Especially when some are allowed to roll out the balls and do nothing when you are busting your tail to make a difference for the students and the profession. However, over time and with work people recognize what a quality physical education program should look like which in time hopefully will lead to all students receiving a quality physical education program

Kevin Shephard – Retired – supportREALteachers

What is your One Word?  Giving

Teachers give a lot. They give to their students, they give to their schools, they give to their communities, and they give to each other 🙂

Artie Kamiya – Great Activities Publishing

What is your One Word?  Honorable

I believe we need to continue to strive to be honorable in our teaching, in the choices we make, and in the service we provide for the children and youth under our care.

Osama Abu Jafar – Raha International School

What is your One Word?  Connect

Share Dream Improve

Doug Hallberg – Mohonasen CSD, Draper Middle School

What is your One Word?  Connect

I want to connect individually to every single one of my students every single class. I want each of them to feel seen, and to know that I noticed them. This interaction at the start of class can and does set the climate for all that follows!

Paul Zientarski – Retired from Naperville Central H.S.

What is your One Word?  Neuroscience

I believe that the salvation of Physical Education in schools is proving to Administrators, Parents, Legislators and Students that our brains are enhanced and new brain cells grow as a result of exercise. The research available regarding neuroscience and exercise’s influence on the brain is overwhelming. Since schools are so entrenched in improving test scores, quality PE can do just that, improve test scores. We also know that quality PE and daily exercise improves student attendance and behavior because of neurotransmitters in the brain that are activated through movement and exercise.

Matthew Bassett – San Jose Charter Academy

What is your One Word?  United

Physical Education, more than ever, needs to become united in offering quality physical Education to our students. Our profession must act together and cast off old practices. We need to teach skills in order to promote physical literacy. Without it, we will open the door for future generations to live shorter lifespans than our own.

Amie Schneider – Curriculum Resource for The School District of Palm Beach County

What is your One Word?  Grateful

I am grateful to have the best job in the world. I get to teach teachers who in turn, impact over 20,000 students on a daily basis. I am grateful to work with a team who are like family to me. I am also grateful to have met some of my PLC this past year. The impact social media has had on my life these past two years has been so rewarding.

Judy LoBianco – South Orange-Maplewood Schools

What is your One Word?  Courage

In my role as SHAPE America President-Elect and my work as a Supervisor of HPE: Courage, the MORAL kind, is the word that will advance our entire profession. It’s because we are only as effective as our weakest teachers, and those teachers are dominating our work. As champions, we need moral COURAGE, in order to educate them, advocate for best practice and do what is necessary to protect all 50 million children. Join me, and my one word, as we enter this school year! (LoBianco drops the mic)

If you didn’t get a chance to see our keynote, then feel free to watch by clicking on the link below:

One Word, One Community Keynote

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