Digital Badges in #Physed eBook

Hey everyone! Over the past year I have been researching gamification and digital badges. I have written a short eBook that is in PDF format. This eBook explains how I plan to implement digital badges to encourage students to be physically active outside of school. It also includes resources to help you get started. I hope it gives you some ideas of how to implement a similar program at your school. Click here or the book cover below to access the eBook. You can view the eBook by opening it in iBooks or Google… Read More

My Favorite Design Tools for #Physed

One of my favorite things as a physical educator is having the opportunity to design activities and visual aids for my students use during class. I love to be inventive, and it gives me a sense of ownership and the chance to think deeply about why I am creating the activity or visual aid.  During this blog I will discuss three tools that I often use for design purposes and how they can all work together to create the final product.

Google Forms + autoCrat = Educational Gold

 In the past few years I have been searching for ways to incorporate technology, assess more, and provide more personalized feedback for my students.  It has been quite the process, but it has helped advance my teaching in many ways.  Google Forms have allowed me to assess more.  If you are unfamiliar with Google Forms, then read two of my other blog posts about them 10 steps to creating Google Forms, and 14 Ways to use Google Forms for Health and Physical Education. Google Forms + autocrat has given me the opportunity… Read More