#Physed Demo Slam at #SHAPEMinneapolis


This year at #SHAPEMinneapolis the PHYSEDagogy crew had the opportunity to do a Demo Slam. During a Demo Slam anyone that desires can share an idea, teaching method, or activity based upon best practices in health and physical education. If the individual is done before the 2 minutes is up he or she says “Slam”. If individual goes 2 minutes, all participants say “slam”. Demo Slams have been going on in technology conferences for a while. The first #Physed Demo Slam took place last year at #SHAPESeattle and was Adam Howell’s idea. Since then they have been popping up at Health and Physical Education conferences around the globe.
Everyone has good ideas and a Demo Slam gives individuals the opportunity to share their ideas with colleagues in a nonthreatening environment. During #SHAPEMinneapolis some people had activities prepared and other’s ideas were spur of the moment. A Demo Slam is professional development that requires no planning. Click here to access the collaborative resource document that was made by presenters during the Demo Slam. Below find the Periscope of the Demo Slam that Matt Pomeroy filmed.

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