#PhysEdSummit Health Education Sessions – Retro Badge

Here will be the listing of all health education presentations that have been presented on during a #PhysEdSummit. Please enjoy the learning experience and remember if you watch three different health education sessions, then you will earn a #HeathEd retro badge for the 2017 #PhysEdSummit!

#PhysEdSummit 3.0 with Amy Lauren Smith

Oh, Puberty–There’s Still Not an App for That

Session Description: Online health searches have become the third most popular activity on the web. What does that mean for our students as they’re trying to navigate the often-confusing world of puberty? During this session, participants will receive resources and a unit plan designed to help equip students with the tools needed to search for information safely and effectively, as well as tips for opening up face-to-face communication.

#PhysEdSummit 3.0 with Andy Horne and Andy Milne

Tools2Engage in the Health Classroom

Session Description: Andy and Andy will share their use of interactive technology, innovative assessments, and active use of social media that allow students to develop an understanding of health enhancing behaviors. They will share a range of instructional methods and strategies they have used to engage students, as well as develop health literacy and advocacy for health behaviors within the community. Finally, a live performance of one of Mr. H’s Scholarly Raps will demonstrate how engaging content captures the imagination of students, encouraging them to share their health messages with others. Viewers will experience a wealth of easily adaptable tools to implement in their own classrooms.

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Claudia Brown

First Day, Last Day, and a Little in the Middle

Session Description: On day one, Claudia’s health students apply for “jobs” in the classroom, engage in her “high five” program, and learn how to earn “health money.” During the course of teaching skills-based health education, students perform their jobs whenever required in class. They are “paid” monthly by class bankers and keep records of their savings. At the end of the semester, those students who have earned a “high five” are invited on a healthy risk-taking field trip, and all students participate in a class-wide auction to spend their “health money.” This method of operation has worked for Claudia for the past several years and is fun, engaging, and full of possibility!

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Gary Lemke

HBOs: The Holy Grail of Health Education?

Session Description: Can health be a cool course? Consider this: no other subject in school covers more about what occupies student brain energy – their thoughts, feelings, concerns, troubles, relationships, and challenges. What if health education centered around Healthy Behavior Outcomes (HBOs) instead of drugs, sex, and sushi rolls (nutrition)? This session features case studies from three high schools that flipped from an information-centered to a student-centered approach. A peer-driven (yet teacher facilitated) environment allows students to develop decision-making skills that lead to better healthy behavior outcomes. Here’s your chance to make it all about them.

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Amy Prior

Assessment: None of the Above

Session Description: The mere mention of the word “assessment” can incite fear, rolling eyes, groaning, and tension to students and teachers. Would you like your students to be more successful on their assessments? Come to this session to learn “out of the box” ways to assess students that measure student achievement in a low stress environment and give you more options than choosing A, B, C, or D.

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Mary McCarley

Fun, Engaging, and Innovative Strategies in Health Education

Session Description: Want to have more fun, engage, and challenge your students in health education? Join Mary McCarley, South District Teacher of the Year for Health Education, as she presents engaging and innovative, standard-based strategies and activities that are proven to be effective in the classroom. Participants will leave with many new ideas for their health toolbox.

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Amy Lauren Smith

PBL with a Focus on Health and Wellness

Session Description: The health concerns of our students have shifted dramatically over the last twenty years, and the past model of textbooks and content driven units is no longer relevant. A skills-based approach with a focus on inquiry can help prepare students for the wide variety of health challenges they might face. In this workshop, teachers will be provided with a toolbox of ready to go projects to implement in health class, PE, or as a cross-curricular unit. For more detail and a list of content strands covered, check out: Choices Magazine “12 Grab-and-Go Health Project Ideas”.

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