Augmented Reality: Building Resources and Student Independence in Physical Education

As I dive deeper into the world of augmented reality I am recognizing more opportunities for creating engaging activities in physical education as well as making targets that classroom teachers can use for physical activity within their class. I am continuing to use the program DAQRI, which allows you to create and share your own targets, to integrate augmented reality into physical education. As a review, a target is an item that is scanned to make visible an overlay which appears on top of the target object. DAQRI gives you the ability to create multiple overlays using the same target by utilizing the… Read More

Creating Augmented Reality Fitness Task Cards

Last week I blogged about augmented reality. I briefly discussed some of the possibilities with AR and showed a video demonstration I created about how to place a URL within a target that linked to a Google Form. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities of AR. There are endless ways this technology can be used in a Physical Education class and to help increase physical activity outside of school. As I discover applicable uses for AR I would like to share them with you…. Read More

Using Augmented Reality to Increase Physical Activity Outside of School

Augmented reality, or AR, opens the door for various possibilities in a Physical Education/physical activity setting. Augmented reality works similar to a QR code, but instead of a QR code you have a target. A target can be a picture or even a real-life object. Once the target is activated it can overlay an object onto your screen, take you to an URL and much more. A great example of how the overlay works is Anatomy 4D. To see how the URL feature works, watch the following video, which briefly demonstrates one… Read More