#PhysEdSummit 2020 Conference Program is LIVE!

The #PhysEdSummit Conference Program is LIVE! We are excited and we hope you are too.  See you on May 9th!

To access the conference program, CLICK HERE.

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#PhysEdSummit 2020 RSVP and Session Proposals!

Hi, Everyone! The PHYSEDagogy Crew is back, and we could not be more excited to host another #PhysEdSummit! The #PhysEdSummit is a FREE virtual conference that will feature 6 hours of back-to-back 45-minute #PhysEd and HealthEd webinars. Each session will be pre-recorded, which will give presenters and participants the opportunity to interact through a live backchannel discussion during the sessions. All sessions will be archived on the PHYSEDagogy YouTube channel, as well.

The conference will take place on May 9, 2020, from 8 AM-2 PM EDT (New York City)The #PhysEdSummit will provide #PhysEd and #HealthEd professionals access to a variety of presentations focused on best practices and innovative strategies from teachers around the globe.

Please RSVP for The #PhysEdSummit 2020 using this form. RSVPing gives you a first look at the conference program! You will also receive emails about how to participate and interact with presenters during sessions.

The PHYSEDagogy team would love for you to submit a session proposal. We desire for presenters to be innovative and engage their live audience during sessions. If you are interested in leading a session, please fill out the proposal form found here. The closing date for proposals is April 17, 2020.

Past sessions from The #PhysEdSummit are available on the PHYSEDagogy YouTube channel.

Questions? Please contact us on Twitter @PHYSEDagogy, email us at physedagogy@gmail.com, or fill in the contact form below.

The Challenge of Implementing Physical Education Mandates

Author’s Note: This post is written about Oregon’s PE Law, Senate Bill 4, and the challenges school districts face when trying to implement mandates.  Furthermore, the motivation was inspired by a newspaper article in the East Oregonian that was shared on the SHAPE America Facebook page on 8/31/19.  You can read the original article by CLICKING HERE.

Ever since I entered the teaching profession in 2008, a Physical Education law has been considered the utopian policy dream for physical educators everywhere.  For years, the state of Illinois was elevated to a pedestal for the work they had done and what was featured in the book SPARK.  Unbeknownst to many, Oregon has had a state physical education law as policy since 2007.  House Bill 3141, as it was titled then, was considered a huge achievement for the state.  In short, it mandated 150 minutes per week of physical education in grades K-5 and 225 minutes per week of physical education in grades 6-8.  The bill gave school districts 10 years to plan, prepare and to be in compliance.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a school district in Oregon who didn’t keep kicking the can down the road and hope for days where the law would eventually go away.  I can speak to this personally because I began sitting in on meetings with stakeholders at the state level as far back as 2015 to plan for implementation.  Compromises were made and full implementation was pushed back again and a phase in model was agreed to.  This meant that over a 5 year process, school districts could slowly phase in to the required minutes.  The 2019-20 school year is the first year of this phase in with elementary schools K-5 needing to be at 120 minutes.  If schools are not in compliance, they do run the risk of having their state funding being withheld (this law has teeth!).  This is where things have become interesting.

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