#PhysEdSummit Fitness Sessions – Retro Badges

Here we will be listing all of the fitness presentations that have been presented on during a #PhysEdSummit. Please enjoy the learning experience and remember if you watch three different Fitness sessions, then you will earn an #Fitness retro badge for the 2017 #PhysEdSummit!

#PhysEdSummit 3.0 with Noel Vigue and David Lyth

Blueprint for a Fitness Focused District

Session Description: We’ll explore the measurement and evaluation of the physical education program at Kennedy Middle School in Natick, Massachusetts, and how we link student expectations, grading and responsibility into fitness-focused courses. In our PE programs, students use heart rate monitors to examine their fitness levels. We will also discuss overall school culture, classroom physical activity, and before/after school programming. How can you make fitness the focus in your school? What are some roadblocks you may run into and who are your allies that can help support the cause? This presentation will look to address these questions and look to help you learn from our successes and mistakes. We will explore the link between brain science and the positive role exercise plays in several aspects of learning. It will also explore ways to build school community through exercise and discuss how to get more people involved and kids to buy in.

#PhysEdSummit 3.0 with Seth Martin

Small Space Fitness Can Be a HIIT!

Session Description: Whether it be for a small space, an instant activity, or your next fitness lesson, using high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and thematic workouts will give you the best bang for the buck. Learn about some of the HIIT categories of working out made popular by many exercise videos and CrossFit. This session will teach you: how to make HIIT workouts safe and age-appropriate for your students, how to turn small-space fitness lessons into workouts with adventure themes and cues, and how implementing technology can kick it up a notch for your students.

#PhysEdSummit 3.0 with Ben Pirillo

Camouflaging Fitness

Session Description: I plan on providing innovative ways for elementary and middle school teachers to bring more fitness activities to their classes. Making fitness activities fun for the students helps to encourage them to work harder. Students are so engaged in the activities they don’t realize they are reaching their MVPA!

#PhysEdSummit 3.0 with Darrell Salmi and Mike Mustar


Session Description: We will demonstrate how we use a variety of technology tools to help our students to become more physically literate and physically fit. Technology tools included in this presentation will be Heart Zones – Smart Hearts System (wearable technology with heart rate arm bands and footpods), projectors, Daily Fit Log for fitness tracking, QR codes, and iPads. We will share how to setup, how to use, and how to collect data that can be used to drive instruction, give student feedback, and to provide meaningful and relevant assessment opportunities. These are some of the tools that we have been using in our respective teaching assignments (elementary through middle school). Our school district has made a commitment to using more technology to enhance the physical education experience for all of our students within all of our schools. We call it a movement toward “Smart P.E.” and are very excited to share some amazing opportunities with our physical education colleagues. We feel our student participation levels and their cognitive understanding of meaningful activity and its relationship to health have been advanced through our use of technology.  

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Charlie Rizzuto

Addressing the Activity Gap

Session Description: One of the many elements of our jobs as physical education teachers is to get our students to move, not only when they are with us, but after school, on weekends, and over breaks. This presentation addresses the activity gap, what it is, why it exists, and ALL the ways we can combat it. Attendees of this session will gain strategies that will not only improve instruction, but student activity all year long.

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Krista Strayer

Yoga Tools for Fun PhysEd Classes, A Sport that Everyone Can Excel At

Session Description: So you’ve been asked to teach yoga for your school – now what? Build a repertoire of fun yoga poses for kids to keep them engaged and learning. Understand how to sequence a class and what yoga poses are good for warming up, cooling down, better brain function, and stretching. Use yoga to end all your PhysEd classes so kids can transition back to the classroom smoothly without all the drama.

2016 #PhysEdSummit with Marquel Hatcher

StudentFit–How to Incorporate Boot Camp Into Your PE Class

Session Description: This session will give participants ideas on how to incorporate boot camp concepts into their classes. Participants will also learn how to use boot camp concepts for skill review and reinforcement.


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