Stages of Professionalism for a 21st Century #HealthEd and #PhysEd Teacher

In the spring of 2005 I was a Junior at Oregon State University sitting in Dr. Bradley Cardinal’s Exercise and Sport Science class. He introduced to me and the class to the stages of professionalism. This really hit home with me and inspired me to become a SHAPE America member. These stages have helped mold my professional involvement.  Not too long ago I posted a Tweet which listed the stages, and I started to think about how these stages look different for 21st century Health and Physical Education Professionals.

Technology and social media have changed the professional landscape. Below is an infographic of what I believe the 7 stages of professionalism looks like in 2016. The question I have is this: what do you think it looks like to be a 21st century #HealthEd and #PhysEd professional? I know there are so many smart professionals out there and truly believe that if we are going to make 50 million strong by 2029 we need to focus on teacher leadership and being professionally involved. Let me know your thoughts.Be Involved


3 Comments on “Stages of Professionalism for a 21st Century #HealthEd and #PhysEd Teacher

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  2. I’m in the lat decade of my teaching career and envy all the new teachers because of inforaphics like these.
    Clear, to the point, and LOADED with insight. I will pass this on to all my mentees and protege’s. Thanks for sharing!

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