Physical Activity in the Classroom Presentation

Today I had the opportunity to present on physical activity in the classroom to the staff at my school. I want to share my resources with you in case you are planing to present to your collegues in the future. Below you will find my slides. Here is a direct link. Also, here is a Resource eBook you can share with your staff as well. Furthermore, here is an outline of some talking points from my slides. Feel free to make a copy of my Google Slides and modify them any way you want.

I want to thank everyone who helped me prepare for this presentation by offering resources and responding to my tweet. Thanks to Aaron Beighle, Lori Dunn, Dave Gusitsch, Nicole Marie, Steve Harvey, BDHSPE, Megan Adkins, Nick Endlich, Heather Gardner, Mike Kuczala, Seth Martin, Jessica Shawley, Scott Williams, Adam Keith, Steve Johnson, Jaimie McMullen, Marcus Down, Scott Bitterman, Docia Craft, Andy Milne, Fran Zavacky, Amanda Amtmanis, Burp It On, Steven Killeen, Vicki Gould, Matthew Bassett, Rob Hansman, Sandy Hagenbach and Mike Bohannon.  It’s crazy how many people respond to a tweet when asked for help. The power of crowd sourcing is an amazing thing in our #physed community.


8 Comments on “Physical Activity in the Classroom Presentation

  1. Wow! Just what I needed, I appreciate your willingness to share….

  2. Thanks Collin! I’m presenting something similar to the teachers at my school in a couple of days. Our presentation incorporates music in the classroom as well.

  3. Terrific! Thank you for sharing your work with us, you have inspired me to think about a presentation at my own school. I often assume that my colleagues have this information- if they do, it gets lost in their daily tasks, so many things to get done and not enough time…. A reminder that movement breaks will make the best use of everyone’s time is super!

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I am a future pe teacher and this is something I want to strongly encourage in whatever school I am in. My sister teachers first grade and is always asking me for ideas for her classroom so I am excited to pass this on to her.

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