#PhysEdSummit 4.0 – Call For Presenters

The #PhysEdSummit is a FREE online conference put on by Health and Physical Education professionals for Health and Physical Education professionals.

Mission: To provide digital professional learning opportunities for physical education professionals by sharing, discussing, and reflecting on best practices.

#PhysEdSummit 4.0|February 27, 2016|Starts @ 10 AM EST

Click Below for the Call For Presenters Google Form to submit your proposal

#PhysEdSummit 4.0 – Call For Presenters

Click Above for the Call For Presenters Google Form to submit your proposal

The #PhysEdSummit Team Needs You!!!!

If you are interested in facilitating a session please fill out the form below by January 10th:

There will be two different areas of focus for this #PhysEdSummit, so please read closely and choose if you would like to be a part of a round table or present a session.  

***This is an example…not the official schedule***

Session #1 Class Size Round Table Short PE Classes Round Table Small Spaces Round Table
Session #2 Overview on TGfU Overview on Sport Education Overview On Health Club
Session #3 Advanced TGfU Advanced SportEd Advanced Health Club / Fitness Education Model

***This is an example…not the official schedule***

Daily Struggles &  Solutions in Health and Physical Education Round Tables

This focus of these round tables will be for #physed problem solvers to help health and physical educators solve some of the biggest obstacles we face in education today.  If you choose to be a part of a round table, then you will help bring solutions and resources for others to learn from and implement into their classrooms the next day.  Panelists will be provided questions ahead of time.  Each round table will have a focus like; large class sizes, small space, no gym, limited equipment, etc.

Instructional Models in Physical Education Sessions:

The #PhysEdSummit team is looking for educators to present on  a variety of instructional models that can be used in their health and physical education classes.  There will be two different session blocks on instructional models.  We would like a progressions of presentations.   One could be an overview or an introductory session to the model and subsequent presentations would be more advanced or a deeper dive into the instructional model.  These presentations should be loaded with information and the presenter should have resources that the audience can use right away so they will be able to implement into their classroom this school year.

#PhysEdSummit 4.0 – Call For Presenters

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