#PhysEdSummit Sessions

Hey everyone! Did you have a chance to check out the #PhysEdSummit? Below you will find all of the sessions posted in a YouTube playlist. Skip to any session you desire!

You can access the conference program here. All session videos, the TodaysMeet and Twitter backchannels (What’s a backchannel?), resource documents and presenter and moderator information are linked into the document. Here is a list of all the sessions  and presenters:

Keynote: You are the Difference Maker
Andy Vasily

Physical Literacy
Kim Hlewka | Tracy Lockwood

Integration of Meaningful Technology
Christina Krein

Teaching Games for Understanding
Mel Hamada

Standards Based Grading
Rich Wiles

Elementary Best Practices Round Table
Jorge Rodriguez | Marquel Hatcher |Joe McCarthy |Chris Walker | Collin Brooks | Jonathan Jones | Adam Howell

Middle School Best Practices Round Table
Ken Forde | Selene Kelley | Andrew Wymer | Matt Pomeroy | Sarah G-H

High School Best Practices Round Table
Chantelle LaMotte | Derek Wasyliw | Adam Llevo | Kayla Robertson | William Bode

Pre-Service Best Practices Round Table
Natalie Kiefer | Nieves Garcia | Naomi Hartl | Doug Gleddie

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