SPARK supports the #PhysEdSummit






On the eve of the #PhysEdSummit, we just wanted to take a minute to give props to SPARK.  SPARK ( is a research-based #PhysEd program. They partner with San Diego State University.  Their executive director and all-around good guy, Paul Rosengard (@paulrosengard), reached out to us last week wanting to support what the #PhysEdSummit is all about.  SPARK definitely supports online physical education professional development and has graciously donated some serious swag for participants tomorrow!  They have donated the following:

  • Digital Physical Education Program : Any level K-2, 3-6, Middle or High School – the winner chooses.  The digital set also ties into the tech theme of the Summit as it’s ready to download to any mobile device (music, videos, lesson plans, task cards, the entire curriculum).  It’s a $199 value.
  • Summer Institute Registration : Any Institute, PE Tech or in any of the SPARK PE programs in San Diego.  This is a $439 value and includes the 2-day program, food, hosted social, all sorts of goodies and value adds – but not transportation.  That’s on the winner.

Tomorrow during the conference, we’ll share more with you about how you can have one of these care packages sent to you. How exciting! Thanks so much to SPARK for supporting #PhysEd professionals everywhere.

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