Analyzing Teacher Prompting, Questioning Skills and Other Essential Skills

As a physical education teacher, I know I have a lot to constantly be working on to improve the way I deliver a quality lesson.There are a variety of pedagogy practices that we know of from our work at universities and staying current within in our field. However, we do not always know the best way to evaluate these practices. The use of event recording will uncover a variety of ways to improve our practices and thereby improve our students’ ability to become physically literate. For the fourth installment of the systematic… Read More

Augmented Reality: Building Resources and Student Independence in Physical Education

As I dive deeper into the world of augmented reality I am recognizing more opportunities for creating engaging activities in physical education as well as making targets that classroom teachers can use for physical activity within their class. I am continuing to use the program DAQRI, which allows you to create and share your own targets, to integrate augmented reality into physical education. As a review, a target is an item that is scanned to make visible an overlay which appears on top of the target object. DAQRI gives you the ability to create multiple overlays using the same target by utilizing the… Read More

Analyzing Teacher Feedback

I often ponder what my behavior toward students and the feedback I give them looks and sounds like. I think I have an idea but many times after reviewing the type of feedback I have given students it turns out it was different than I thought. The third installment of my series on systematic observation addresses this issue using event recording, which focuses on teacher feedback, teacher prompting, teacher questioning skills, and other essential teaching skills. Event recording can also be used to focus on student behavior, which I will discuss in… Read More