Systematic Observation Part 1: Time Analysis

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing several ways to use systematic observation as a reflective tool in your teaching. Last year I completed the process of applying for the National Board Certification, and during this time I realized how important video analysis is for Physical Education teachers. It reminded me of graduate school when I regularly used systematic observation. During the #pechat this week, we discussed instruction time and how it relates to practice time. Systematic observation is a great way to take a close look at this. Systematic observation… Read More

Balancing Instructional Time with Practice Time: the story of Volleyball Bingo

@adamphowell #pechat can you give a volleyball example of differentiated small group inst? Do you pick your groupings based on needs? — Mrs Neal (@MrsNeal0) July 1, 2014 Last night while moderating the last session of #pechat, this anecdotal part of the discussion sparked a reflection from earlier in the school year. To give context, last nights #pechat focused on the balance between effective use of instructional time (IT) and practice time (PT). Much of what was discussed centered on things such as: effective planning, limiting teacher talk, purposeful practice vs. physical activity, questioning, and… Read More