#PHYSEDagogy welcomes Collin Brooks

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Mr. Collin Brooks, a new member of the PHYSEDagogy team. Collin teaches elementary Physical Education in Bend, Oregon. He is currently the President Elect of the Oregon Society of Health and Physical Educators and is constantly craving new ways to reflect on and improve his teaching practices and help other professionals do the same. Collin is very interested in creating opportunities for students to be physically active before, during and after school; implementing meaningful technology into the Physical Education classroom; creating new quality activities based upon students interests; and using systematic observation to improve Physical Education teaching practices.

Collin has a blog series planned over the coming weeks about systematic observation. I am super excited to welcome him to the team!

One Comment on “#PHYSEDagogy welcomes Collin Brooks

  1. Awesome! He’s the real deal and an always thinking and progressing his craft. You two will make a dynamic duo and Oregon is in great “shape” (pun intended). Signed, a fan! 🙂 (Amanda Stanec)

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