Creating Augmented Reality Fitness Task Cards

Last week I blogged about augmented reality. I briefly discussed some of the possibilities with AR and showed a video demonstration I created about how to place a URL within a target that linked to a Google Form. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities of AR. There are endless ways this technology can be used in a Physical Education class and to help increase physical activity outside of school. As I discover applicable uses for AR I would like to share them with you…. Read More

Using Augmented Reality to Increase Physical Activity Outside of School

Augmented reality, or AR, opens the door for various possibilities in a Physical Education/physical activity setting. Augmented reality works similar to a QR code, but instead of a QR code you have a target. A target can be a picture or even a real-life object. Once the target is activated it can overlay an object onto your screen, take you to an URL and much more. A great example of how the overlay works is Anatomy 4D. To see how the URL feature works, watch the following video, which briefly demonstrates one… Read More