Using GAFE for efficient #PhysEd assessment and feedback loops part 2: Viva docAppender!

I mentioned in part 1 that docAppender was a real superstar.  That was no hyperbole.  In this tutorial, I will show you what excites me the most about docAppender.  The ability to track student growth over time with video and student feedback.  This is what I did with Autocrat last year and while I feel it was successful, each feedback merge was its own separate document and it was rather labor intensive.  This is no longer necessary with docAppender. Viva docAppender!

Using GAFE for efficient #PhysEd assessment and feedback loops part 1: Doctopus + docAppender/Goobric

As most of you know, I’m not currently in the Physical Education classroom, so I haven’t actually tested this type of assessment loop in practice. I am hoping that you will and give me feedback! However, this represents my best reflective thinking in how I would like to approach some of the problems that I experienced last year with creating a truly student driven, efficient system for assessment and feedback.

Augmented Reality Assessment with Google Forms in #PhysEd

by Collin Brooks (@collinbrooksie)