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by Collin Brooks (@collinbrooksie)

The “Winning” Culture of School Sport

My first year of teaching I coached high school football. Several of the players who were a part of my position group were everything you looked for in an athlete: hard worker, competitive, successful on the field, good students. But, they stopped playing after 9th grade. Why? They had been playing tackle football since 4th grade and were burned out. After a football career of 6 years, they had had enough.  I started playing tackle football as soon as it was available where I grew up: 8th grade. I completed my career… Read More

#Edtech: The Current Contradiction in Education

Authors note: This is a post I wrote for my previous blog, The Dumb Jock Myth in December, 2012. For the past year and a half, I have been working on getting my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Portland State University.  As part of my program, I had an excellent opportunity to attend the 2012 Oregon School Law conference in Eugene, Oregon this past week.  Often, I find myself blurring the lines between the teacher lens and the administrative lens.