#PhysEdSummit Keynote – You Are the Difference Maker, Andy Vasily

One of the first things the #PhysEdSummit team discussed when we initially began planning for tomorrow’s event was that we wanted a digital keynote address that could be shared with the entire #PhysEd community.  Andy Vasily (@andyvasily) was the perfect fit to take on this challenge.  Trying to give him a proper introduction has been another matter, however, so I decided to record a short little video introduction and hope it does Andy justice.

Why #PhysEd?

We are creating an awareness around the idea of the #PhysEdSummit – A non-traditional PD day that is coming up on October, 25th! Here are the three rules… 1. Make a 15 second video of yourself answering the question, “Why #PhysEd”? 2. Use the hashtag #PhysEdSummit. 3. Challenge at least one or more people to complete the challenge in the next 24 hours! Follow the #PhysEdSummit hashtag to check out the responses! Yes, we did get this idea from the #icebucketchallenge. Don’t panic, no ice is needed! This is not a new… Read More

My Active Literacy Project

By Naomi Hartl (@misshartl)