Physical Activity in the Classroom Presentation

Today I had the opportunity to present on physical activity in the classroom to the staff at my school. I want to share my resources with you in case you are planing to present to your collegues in the future. Below you will find my slides. Here is a direct link. Also, here is a Resource eBook you can share with your staff as well. Furthermore, here is an outline of some talking points from my slides. Feel free to make a copy of my Google Slides and modify them any way you… Read More

Teacher evaluation: Are we failing our profession?

I am writing this blog post tonight filled with a wide range of emotions: anger, sadness, more anger, fear, and despair.  I usually try to keep my emotions out of blogging, but I am taking a different approach with this post.  Clearly, I am emotionally charged.  My hope is that it will serve as a call to action for you. As you may already be aware, I am out of the classroom this year.  Currently, my job is managing a grant in my district helping to facilitate teacher led reform in four focus areas:… Read More

Voices of #PhysEd: Let’s Talk About Privilege

I have been trying to refine my understanding of privilege lately. Merriam-Webster’s first definition comes close:  “a right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others.” Google’s first option : “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group” is also helpful.  The reason is this: when people of color speak of privilege, the first association is with white privilege: advantages which white members of society enjoy as a result of their being white. This in turn implies that people of color in the… Read More