The #PhysEdSummit 2.0

Strap up your boots, actually boot up your computer – we are going on a journey to the #PhysEdSummit. The #PhysEdSummit will be professional development chosen by YOU and facilitated by professionals within the physical education field. Topics will be relevant to today’s ever changing educational landscape. This virtual PD experience will accommodate the needs of the veteran teacher, the college student preparing for a career in physical education, and everyone in between.

Before you read the rest of this post, please take some time to check out an email Adam Howell sent to Artie Kamiya about “What is PHYSEDagogy and the #PhysEdSummit?”. This is a great description of who we are, and what we are and are not about.

Everything about this PD opportunity is free – from the sessions offered to the guest speakers presenting (we are not paying them). The whole idea of the #PhysEdSummit is to crowdsource a virtual conference. This is an opportunity for the online PE community to come together to create a conference that will meet the PD needs of all #pegeeks!

Click here to access the conference program. This includes all link for every #PhysEdSummit 2.0 session and also session descriptions.

Below is the amazing keynote from Dr. Amanda Stanec and a short introduction before. Thanks so much Dr. Stanec for taking the time to be part of the #PhysEdSummit 2.0!

Block 1 Sessions

These sessions were more of a presentation format, where a facilitator is sharing information with you.  Please click on all the headings to get access to the presentations and files that are shared during each session!

iPads and PE

Physical Literacy


Teaching Games For Understanding


Google Apps For Education

Standards Based Grading

 Block 2

Adaptive Physical Education

Elementary PE Round Table

Middle School PE Round Table

High School PE Round Table

Please fill out this google form to give us feedback on what you thought of the #PhysEdSummit and to get your certificate of completion for participating in the #PhysEdSummit!

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