#NBCT #PhysEd Panel

Join us December 11th for a panel discussion on the National Board Certification process specifically for physical education teachers. The panel will be run through an “On Air Live Google Hangout”. Sign up and watch here. You can also access this conversation at your convience on the PHYSEDagogy YouTube channel. The panel will include Matthew Bassett, Gina Miller, Jo Bailey and myself

I encourage all physical education teachers who have thought about applying for the National Board Certification or simply want to learn more about what this certification means to attend.
Here is a link to a TodaysMeet back channel that has been set up for this Hangout. This back channel will allow you to ask any questions you may have to any of the panel members during the Hangout. Also, here is a Google Doc containing questions that will be asked during the Hangout. Feel free to add any questions you have about the process.
See you Thursday!

4 Comments on “#NBCT #PhysEd Panel

  1. What is the topic of the Dec. 11th panel?

    Dr. Fran Cleland
    West Chester University
    SHAPE America Board of Directors

  2. I just renewed. I would highly recommend this. Unbeatable PD and self-reflection.

  3. I just got certified this year. Self reflection is awesome. Our school districts 3 questions for teacher effectiveness are the same that NB uses.

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