Plan of Action

We wanted to take a few minutes to explain what our plan of action is for the Summit. We have received a few e-mails and want to inform everyone of the process in this post.

Before you read the rest of this post, please take some time to check out an email Adam Howell sent to Artie Kamiya about “What is PHYSEDagogy and the #PhysEdSummit?”. This is a great description of who we are, and what we are and are not about.

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The #PhysEdSummit will take place on Saturday, October 25th at 8:00 am pacific time (11:00 am eastern time). We will be hosting the #PhysEdSummit through Google Hangouts on Air. It will be a LIVE presentation pushed through YouTube. Since all sessions will be live, the audience will have to choose which session they would like to listen to/watch. All sessions will be recorded and posted to YouTube for others to view after the Summit.

There will be 2 blocks of presentations;

Block 1 – Facilitated Sessions (8AM – 9AM Pacific Time)

  • Physical Literacy
  • Teaching Games for Understanding
  • Integration of Meaningful Technology
  • Standards Based Grading

The sessions in this block will be very similar to a webinar format. There will be a #PhysEdSummit team member in the hangout with the presenter to keep them on time, and moderate the backchannel. The backchannel will be on Twitter, TodaysMeet and we will take questions throughout the hangout (we will post links to access this information in the future).

Block 2 – Round Table Discussions (9AM – 10AM Pacific Time)

  • Elementary
  • Middle Years
  • High School
  • Pre-Service

In this block we will host the round table discussions. These discussions will consist of 4-5 members of the Phys Ed community, and 2 #PhysEdSummit team moderators. One will focus on the group discussion and the other will maintain the backchannel. We want to take the time to reflect and learn from each other as professionals, celebrate how we have been successful and be transparent about where we want to get better in serving our students, our families,  and the community. All of us have been shaped in life through our experiences–and those experiences are what we want to bring together through these round table discussions.

 * Please note that this week we are in the process of choosing facilitators for block one sessions, and participants for our round table discussions. If you signed up, we will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you for your patience!


Click here to RSVP for the conference!

Above we listed the RSVP Form. In this form we will collect your name and email address. A day or two before the Summit we will email out the program schedule. This is a Google doc that will include session times, the presenters, moderators and a spot for the links to the videos. On the day of the #PhysEdSummit you will be able to access all the links to the sessions as we will post them in the program schedule once the Google hangouts have been created. The perk of filling out the RSVP form is that you will receive notification emails from the #PhysEdSummit team about the conference.

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If you are a google user (you have a google account) and you RSVP using your google email address we will be able to ‘invite’ you to attend the sessions. This will allow you to be able to participate in the Q&A portion directly through the google hangouts app. This is similar to the process of attending a webinar and asking questions via typing.   

If you do not have a google account and give us a non-google email address.. No fear! You will still get access to all the sessions via the conference program that will be emailed out to you. Within the program there will be links to each session. You can participate in the backchannel chats and ask your questions through Twitter and Today’sMeet (if you are not on twitter). Our moderators will be monitoring all three pieces to make sure your questions are being answered.

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If you have any questions please ask in the comment section below! We look forward to serving the Phys Ed community with this one of a kind PD experience that will take you to new heights.  So, plan on joining us October 25th for the inaugural #PhysEdSummit!

The #PhysEdSummit Team

19 Comments on “Plan of Action

  1. Thank you for moving is forward. Look forward to the sessions. Does this count as the RSVP?

  2. I am really looking forward to this! This email address is a google account but run through my university/school. Do you know if it will work for the invite? If not, I will use my personal gmail account. Thanks.

    • Your university/school account should work as long as you have access to google plus through that account. You could always give us both email addresses in the form and that way you will for sure get the invite via google events.

  3. Sounds like a great event and great topics. I will not be able to attend do to my son’s MOSSL Soccer tournament here in central Ohio. Please keep posting if there will be any other online topics in the future.

    • Hi Brad, no worries! You will be able to watch the videos of the sessions later as we will be posting them all to youtube. We have a few ideas for the future online topics but are going to stay quiet for now about it 😉 Hope your son has a fantastic soccer tournament!

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