Mark your calendars for October 25th! #PhysEdSummit

Strap up your boots, actually boot up your computer – we are going on a journey to the #PhysEdSummit. The #PhysEdSummit will be professional development chosen by YOU and facilitated by professionals within the physical education field. Topics will be relevant to today’s ever changing educational landscape. This virtual PD experience will accommodate the needs of the veteran teacher, the college student preparing for a career in physical education, and everyone in between.

Everything about this PD opportunity is free – from the sessions offered to the guest speakers presenting (we are not paying them). The whole idea of the #PhysEdSummit is to crowdsource a virtual conference. This is an opportunity for the online PE community to come together to create a conference that will meet the PD needs of all #pegeeks!

Here is what the process will look like!

Step 1: Fill in the “Fall #PhysEdSummit Session Topic” form (Sept. 21 – 28)

  • What professional development topics are you interested in? Please tell us in the form!

Step 2: Help us circulate the “Call for presenters” form (Sept. 28 – Oct. 5)

  • Do you see a session topic you would like to share your expertise on? Do you know of someone who is an expert in the chosen session topics? We would love to know!

Step 3: Presenters will be contacted, stay tuned! (Oct. 5 – 19)

Step 4: You will receive the Fall #PhysEdSummit Program! (Oct. 20 – 24)

Step 5: Log on to your computer on October 25th (Time TBA) for amazing PD!

Step 6: Listen to our INSPIRING keynote and choose your PD sessions (Oct. 25)

  • There will be more than one session live streamed at a time.  We will be posting the videos to YouTube to allow you to watch them all!

Step 7: Participate in the backchannel on twitter! (Oct. 25)

Step 8: Fill in our “How did we do?” feedback form after the conference (Oct. 25)

If this is a journey you would like to take with us, please fill out the following form. This form will help us narrow down the topics for this epic journey to the Fall #PhysEdSummit!

Click here to fill in the form —–> Fall #PhysEdSummit Session Topics

The #PhysEdSummit Team


Note* This is not an EdCamp or an EdCampHome nor is it intended to be one. The #PhysEdSummit is not intended to replace provincial, state, national or international conferences.  There is something to say about the need for, and power of the face to face interactions and networking that happens at these conferences. We could never replace it. Our intentions are to keep the fire burning in the lull time, between major conferences, to keep all #PEgeeks connected, sharing and learning as a community! Together we are stronger!



7 Comments on “Mark your calendars for October 25th! #PhysEdSummit

  1. What a terrific idea! Thanks for leading us to another way to organize and receive professional staff development!!

  2. Awesome idea! This is exactly what our profession needs. I would live to help if I can. Keep up the amazing work.

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  4. Quick Question. I came across this last night on twitter and I WANT IN on this awesome idea! I live and teach in very rural Alberta and so to take part in PE PD from the comfort of my home on a saturday morning when I don’t have to miss a day with my kids is so cool. How do I get signed up to take part in the sessions? Or do I simply come to the site the day of? Also love that your posting all the videos to youtube! I always feel like I’m missing out on something when there is more than one session going on at the same time!

    Great work guys! Super pumped plan to pass this along to my PE Geek friends!


    • Thank you for the question Jenn! We will have a session sign up form come out the week before the #PhysEdSummit will take place. This sign up form will allow us to collect your email and push out the information the day of to keep you in the loop! If you want to “participate” in the session, there will be opportunities to type in questions through the Q&A as well as be part of the back channel. There will be a blog post coming up soon on what this will all look like!

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