Using the Swivl Robotic Mobile Accessory in Physical Education

SWIVLBelow is a quick demonstration of how the Swivl can be used in a physical education class. As I have discussed before, if you are looking to improve your teaching practices this school year I recommend looking into purchasing a Swvil. I filmed this with my iPad Mini. I have the latest edition of the Swivl. In the video you’ll see the range that you can have while using Swivl. I will use this for teacher analysis purposes and presentations. I plan to surround my Swivl with plexiglass by buying a fish tank at the local pet store or making a custom plexiglass box. Once I do this, I will mount the plexiglass box on the wall at chest height. In a future blog I will have pictures of how this looks/works.

Note: When I downloaded the video from my iPad to YouTube I lost some video quality. If anyone has any insight how to prevent this from occurring please let me know.


7 Comments on “Using the Swivl Robotic Mobile Accessory in Physical Education

  1. Looks awesome, Collin! I’m sure you’ll really be able to reflect on your teaching and see things you weren’t aware of before. A win-win for you and your students! This is a great idea! Keep up the good work.

  2. Collin, Thank you for taking the time to give us a better picture of exactly what the swivel can do. It really is an amazing piece of technology and will be very beneficial to your teaching.

  3. Collin,
    This is so different than how I imagined it working! Thanks for the demo. The Swivl would be a great, almost must have for any teacher going through National Boards. It eliminates the need for scheduling someone to video your class, which can be difficult. I would also anticipate the student interaction would be more authentic without an additional person (videographer) in the gym. What does it cost?

    • I’m glad it was helpful. The cost of a the latest version of Swivl will cost you $300 on amazon. I agree with you 100% about this being a great product for National Board candidates. I have shared this with candidates within our district.

  4. Great gadget for teacher reflection and analysis on your own practice. I love it ! It could easily be included into a technopedagogical project course/project I am presently taking as part of an online Educational Technology program in Quebec, Canada. Do you have to get approval from each kid’s parents for filming them in action if you already tell them that it is for your own professional development?

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