#PhysEdSummit 3.0 RSVP

It’s almost time for the #PhysEdSummit 3.0! Check out the link below to RSVP for 24 hours of FREE PD! You fill out the form and we send you an email with the full conference program. It’s that easy! Whoop whoop! RSVP Form

#PhysEdSummit 3.0 – Call for Proposals

We are so excited for the #PhysEdSummit 3.0 Global Conference. This is 24 hours of back-to-back, one-hour #PhysEd webcasts. This is not your normal #PhysEd conference! The #PhysEdSummit is a crowd-sourced, virtual conference. Everything about this PD opportunity is FREE, from the sessions offered to the guest speakers facilitating the sessions. This is an opportunity for the online #PhysEd community to come together to create a conference that meets the PD needs of all #pegeeks! The event will provide the #PhysEd community access to presentations about best practices, teaching strategies, top tips,… Read More