The growth of #PHYSEDagogy

Reflecting on the last nine months, the evolution of PHYSEDagogy has been fun to watch. Honestly, it started as an idea that it would be fun to do a Google Hangout on Air where #pegeeks could get together to discuss physical education where we weren’t limited to 140 characters as on Twitter. I remember being part of a Twitter conversation with Matt Pomeroy where the hashtag #pegeeksunite was used and that was the spark that started it all. At the same time, I was in the middle of my graduate research looking… Read More

QR Code Geocaching Activity

On August 30th, 2013 I tweeted out a pic showing the contents of the bag I was carrying and my clipboard. I stated how I was setting up my QR Code Geocaching course for my staff team building activity. Little did I know how much interest would be generated from this one tweet. In response to the questions and emails I have been getting I wanted to write up this blog post to explain the process and show how I set it up.

#PHYSEDagogy: An Introduction to Autocrat #gscriptchat

Adam Howell, Matt Pomeroy and Naomi Hartl are back at it to discuss the second item in the new #gscriptchat #PHYSEDagogy series. An introduction to Autocrat! This automagical script is one of my personal favorites. Be on the lookout for more from us in the future on this powerful script.