#PHYSEDagogy: Doctopus with a side of Autocrat #gscriptchat

Naomi Hartl and I got together to discuss another script: Doctopus! An incredibly powerful document management script, Doctopus integrates fully with gClassFolders and other gScripts. I also have some ideas how to use Doctopus with one of my favorites, Autocrat! Check it out. #gscriptchat

#Sportfoliochat Vodcast: Episode 2 – Sportfolio Setup

On Episode 2 of the #Sportfoliochat Vodcast Series, Matt and I discuss how we set up our sportfolios using the Google Apps platform. We reflect on our learning experiences and show the templates, scripts (gClassFolders, pageMeister and formFolio) and apps we are using to set up our sportfolios in our Phys.Ed classes. Stay tuned for Episode 3 where we will be discussing sportfolios with our special guest Jarrod Robinson (@mrrobbo)!

#PHYSEDagogy: An introduction to gClassFolders #gscriptchat

Looking for some digital solutions as you start the school year? The creative team at PHYSEDagogy: Adam Howell, Matt Pomeroy and Naomi Hartl discuss the first item in the new #gscriptchat #PHYSEDagogy series. An introduction to gClassFolders!