#PHYSEDagogy #backtoschool edition: Jarrod Robinson

I was really excited for the second episode in the #PHYSEDagogy #backtoschool edition. I had the chance to meet with the original PE Geek himself, Jarrod Robinson. Jarrod is a teacher in Australia and he has always stood out as a unique person in the #PhysEd community because of his fusion of technology with his teaching. As you will see from our chat though, Jarrod made it pretty clear which one should come first. Very refreshing to chat with him! You can find Jarrod on Twitter @mrrobbo and his website, ThePEGeek.com.

#PHYSEDagogy: Teacher Tips, Tricks, and Hacks, Episode 1.0

Episode 1.0: How to embed a Google Form inside of a Google Doc template for the purposes of collecting student questions.

#Edtech: The Current Contradiction in Education

Authors note: This is a post I wrote for my previous blog, The Dumb Jock Myth in December, 2012. For the past year and a half, I have been working on getting my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Portland State University.  As part of my program, I had an excellent opportunity to attend the 2012 Oregon School Law conference in Eugene, Oregon this past week.  Often, I find myself blurring the lines between the teacher lens and the administrative lens.