#PHYSEDagogy: Doctopus with a side of Autocrat #gscriptchat

Naomi Hartl and I got together to discuss another script: Doctopus! An incredibly powerful document management script, Doctopus integrates fully with gClassFolders and other gScripts. I also have some ideas how to use Doctopus with one of my favorites, Autocrat! Check it out. #gscriptchat

#PHYSEDagogy: An Introduction to Autocrat #gscriptchat

Adam Howell, Matt Pomeroy and Naomi Hartl are back at it to discuss the second item in the new #gscriptchat #PHYSEDagogy series. An introduction to Autocrat! This automagical script is one of my personal favorites. Be on the lookout for more from us in the future on this powerful script.