Voices of #PhysEd: The Growth Mindset and Invisible Disabilities

  Teaching students to have a growth mindset has become a trend within education over the past few years. The idea of the growth mindset is based upon research on achievement and success by Stanford University Psychologist Carol Dweck. The growth mindset says your ability to learn isn’t fixed, but rather the harder you try the more likely you are to learn a specific concept or skill. In my physical education program I have worked hard to teach my students to have a growth mindset and embrace life struggles as opposed to trying to overcome them. My… Read More

Defining the Instructional Core in #PhysEd

The last several weeks have been quite the whirlwind for me as a physical education professional.  There are so many new exciting projects and initiatives that seem to be launching, I can barely keep track.  I just finished attending my first SHAPE National Conference and Expo and had the opportunity to put a face to many of the professionals I have connected with digitally. Something that was a recurring theme for me at #SHAPESeattle was the increase in Physical Education content, curriculum, and lesson plans that are available online for us as… Read More

Standards-Based Grading: Preparing Our Students for the “Real World”?

About two months ago, my husband brought home his annual review (or employee evaluation) from work. I glanced over it and when I got to page three, I was shocked to find out his employer uses a standards-based assessment system to evaluate its employees. I ran into the kitchen and exclaimed, “Wait! This is standards-based! This is standards-based grading! This is how I assess my students! Do other companies use this?” My husband said, “Uh, yeah, this is how every company I’ve worked for evaluates employees.” It is? Corporate America uses standards-based grading… Read More