PHYSEDagogy welcomes Jorge Rodriguez

With a week before the 2016 National Physical Education and School Sport Institute and a little over a month before our own #PhysEdSummit 2016, we’ve been taking some time reflecting on the mission of what we do here at PHYSEDagogy.  One of the key values that we have held from the beginning has been: We want to continue to grow–and grow with people who: have a passion for what they do, care about advancing the physical education profession, have diverse perspectives and life experiences to be able to comment authentically on a wider range… Read More

Stages of Professionalism for a 21st Century #HealthEd and #PhysEd Teacher

In the spring of 2005 I was a Junior at Oregon State University sitting in Dr. Bradley Cardinal’s Exercise and Sport Science class. He introduced to me and the class to the stages of professionalism. This really hit home with me and inspired me to become a SHAPE America member. These stages have helped mold my professional involvement.  Not too long ago I posted a Tweet which listed the stages, and I started to think about how these stages look different for 21st century Health and Physical Education Professionals.

Teacher evaluation: Are we failing our profession?

I am writing this blog post tonight filled with a wide range of emotions: anger, sadness, more anger, fear, and despair.  I usually try to keep my emotions out of blogging, but I am taking a different approach with this post.  Clearly, I am emotionally charged.  My hope is that it will serve as a call to action for you. As you may already be aware, I am out of the classroom this year.  Currently, my job is managing a grant in my district helping to facilitate teacher led reform in four focus areas:… Read More