#PHYSEDagogy Teacher Spotlight: Nathan Horne

Check out the newest episode of #PHYSEDagogy with Nathan Horne. Oh man, this was a tough episode to do with serious technical difficulties from 4:51-6:00. I didn’t have video for half of it and Nathan had some video bombing on his end. The result? Nathan is one heck of a PE rockstar! Check him out @PENathan and www.iphys-ed.com

#PHYSEDagogy Teacher Spotlight: Joey Feith

Make sure to check out the new episode of #PHYSEDagogy with Joey Feith. Joey is a really cool, passionate and intelligent guy, located in Montreal, Canada. I can’t say enough good things about him as he is one of the most influential leaders in Physical Education today. Check him out at www.thephysicaleducator.com and @JoeyFeith.

#PHYSEDagogy Teacher Spotlight: Amanda Stanec

Today’s #PHYSEDagogy hangout was with Amanda Stanec. She is totally awesome! You definitely need to check it out. She is a total firecracker. She is the woman behind ABLE, check out her website at http://www.movelivelearn.com. You can find her on Twitter (she was just recently named best individual #PhysEd teacher Twitter account) @MoveLiveLearn