Dancing to the Beat Of…Empathy

Whenever I tell people I teach ballroom dance to my fifth grade students, one of two reactions usually come. “You teach Ballroom?!?” “Why?” The first response almost always comes from people who know me: friends, family, and co-workers. Maybe my lack of rhythm and general dance acumen has something to do with it. The latter reply is one that I gave the music teacher at my school when she approached me about co-teaching ballroom dance four years ago. To say I was hesitant would be an understatement. I remembered back to the… Read More

Augmented Reality #PhysEd Board Game

I wanted to take moment to show you my latest augmented reality target which is an interactive game board called “What’s Your Zone?” After seeing a really cool picture tweeted by Andy Vasliy where he and his students identified various ways different rates zones positively impact the body I was inspired to create this fitness game.

The PHYSEDagogy Podcast – Special Edition – Conferences Reviews & Previews

 Current Episode: The PHYSEDagogy Podcast – Special Edition – Conferences Reviews & Previews During this episode you will hear Matt Pomeroy, Adam Howell, Naomi Hartl, and Collin Brooks review the #PhysEdSummit 2.0 and #SHAPEseattle 2015.  We will also preview what #PhysEdSummit Basecamps (webinar produced by PHYSEDagogy) will look like, explain what is happening at the #PHYSedcamp during the National PE Institute 2015, and give you a taste of what the #PhysEdSummit 3.0 will look like on August 15th & 16th 2015.