QR Code Geocaching Activity

On August 30th, 2013 I tweeted out a pic showing the contents of the bag I was carrying and my clipboard. I stated how I was setting up my QR Code Geocaching course for my staff team building activity. Little did I know how much interest would be generated from this one tweet. In response to the questions and emails I have been getting I wanted to write up this blog post to explain the process and show how I set it up.

#PHYSEDagogy #backtoschool edition: Paul Zientarski

The final episode in the Back to School edition of PHYSEDagogy was probably my favorite teacher spotlight to date. Paul Zientarski is a role model in the #PhysEd community for the work he has done in shattering the stereotype of the role of Physical Education programs in the United States. His role in developing the “New PE” at Naperville Central High School in Naperville, Illinois was the basis for one of the case studies in the book SPARK, by Dr. John Ratey. On a personal note, I can say that it was… Read More

#PHYSEDagogy: An Introduction to Autocrat #gscriptchat

Adam Howell, Matt Pomeroy and Naomi Hartl are back at it to discuss the second item in the new #gscriptchat #PHYSEDagogy series. An introduction to Autocrat! This automagical script is one of my personal favorites. Be on the lookout for more from us in the future on this powerful script.